A musical genius, the King, innovative, daring, different, hip, enigmatic, avant-garde, mysterious, sensual, sexy, monstrous, romantic, girls' idol, the only real Rock n' Roller in Israel - these are but a few of the titles and adjectives used by the media to describe Svika Pick throughout his career.
Svika Pick, the biggest and most glamorous name in the Israeli-Jewish world of music and entertainment of all times, a singer, composer and actor who has received more awards and titles than any other Israeli-Jewish artist.
His thousands of performances, hundreds of songs, dozens of albums, his music and outrageous personal appearance, have reached record audiences and created new dimensions of excitement and hysteria seen in the world among superstars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, the Beatles and other artists of this stature.
Svika Pick has also won formal titles - 17 awards as Singer of the Year, 7 awards as Composer of the Year, as well as Artist of all Artists and Artist of the Decade.
Most recently, his song "DIVA" won first prize at the Eurovision Song Contest, was Number 1 on MTV and on charts throughout the world, as well as Song of the Year in many countries.
  The name "Svika Pick" is recognized by millions in Israel and throughout the world and his songs are sung by all, from babies humming "The Crying Soap" thru youngsters singing his Pop, Rock and ballads to adults familiar with his poet's songs as well as Hassidic songs such as "Shma Yisrael".
Such a brilliant super career and tremendous success always create amazement and wonder.
However, the path of his life shows that it was meant to be almost from the day he was born - Music.
  Svika (Henryk) Pick, born in Wroclaw Poland, comes from a long line of musicians, some of them well-known composers and musicians.
When your grandfather is the director of the music conservatory and one of your uncles is a Professor of music it is difficult to "escape" your musical destiny.
And indeed, it was already at the age of 5 that little Svika began his formal music studies which, as an outstanding pupil, he completed with distinction.
However, from the beginning, despite the classical music he studied, Svika had other music playing in his head - Pop and Rock.
  While his formal studies in the mornings included Tchaikovsky and Bach, in the evenings his hands were on the guitar and keyboards, and at 15 he already appeared on stage as a full-fledged member of many Rock bands.
As guitarist, keyboard player and singer he was a member of some of the most successful and admired groups such as "Telestar", "Fat and Thin" and "Chocolate".